CSCI E-190 Bioinformatics Algorithms

CSCI E-290 is a fairly new course in the Harvard Extension School curriculum related to three different programs: biology, computer science, and biotechnology. I'm taking it as an elective in my pursuit for a Masters in Liberal Arts (ALM-IT) with a concentration Software Engineering; though after a little bit of studying I'm curious why I never pursued the biotechnology path.

Note: When I was younger, I was terrible in the sciences (biology, chemistry, you name it). Actually, if it wasn't computer related it couldn't hold my attention.

The following are my impressions after the first lecture.

How was the lecturer?
Dr. Jeff Parker's lecture opened up to the following youtube clip:

I think it was a tell tail sign that he has a sense of humor and that the class will not be dry. Throughout the lecture I was certainly entertained. Surprisingly the pace of the lecture was very fair and of the 100 slides he had in his PowerPoint, we only covered fifty-or-so.

One thing that I noticed about the lecturer was that he seems very patient. A few students blurted out ridiculous questions, in-my-opinion not appropriate for a first lecture, and he took a deep breath and tried to answer them fairly. Personally, I don't know if I could ever be that calm. I understand that everyone learns in different ways but I wish people would respect those trying to educate them.

Overall Impression
It is hard for me to judge this class for the following reasons:

  • I love the Python programming language
  • This class uses Python
  • I am fascinated by what I'm learning

Thus, I am currently geeked out and favorable towards the class. If you want a fair look at the class, you may have to stay tuned for a later blog post. I plan to review some of the required course books (I bought many) and workload.

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