WATDR: The LA Times Menu

During the summer, when the LA Times rolled out their redesign -- I kind of fell in love with the new menus. It works well and it's drop dead sexy.

I wanted to copy it and noticed that the LA Time's loads a slew of JS and CSS files. Ugh! Where to begin? I just want a pretty menu...

Instead of drilling through and finding the code I needed, I knew it would be faster to just create it ad hoc. Heck, it couldn't be that hard with our friend JQuery. Plus my version might be faster and lighter weight.

Cool, it wasn't too hard. It only took me an hour or two to get it in a state that I wanted. Now six months later, I thought I should blog and share it with you. My menu isn't a blatant copy. I kind of felt bad about stealing too much of the design but I wanted to emulate the feel. You can make it look almost identical with the right images and a good amount of patience.


If you're looking to do something similar, I made it really easy for you to figure out what's going on. Go ahead and click on the following link and feel free to copy the source code. It's so easy a caveman can [read it]. (After clicking on the link, right-click and view source)

Ask your “bestie” to help you style it and you'll have the prettiest menus on the web. If you liked it, please let me know!