How To Do Not Poorly Through Week 6

Update: Oh cool look at my G-talk status about this post: "How To Do Not Poo".


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Week 6, And Things Look Better
I am not 100% sure how well I'm doing in school. Heck, I'm always worried and second guessing myself. However, I think it's now safe to assume that I am not doing poorly! Here's why:

CSCI-E 131b (Computer Networks)

I took the time to complete the homework a week and a half in advance. Additionally, I've somehow forced myself to read all of the reading material even though most of it goes right over my head. As you could imagine, it is impossible to tell if your peers have done the same.

This Wednesday, our professor took the realms of section lead over the awesome "Joe-Leader." What's funny about this is that instead of talking about the material in a practical light, Professor Evenchik interrogated the room! He asked everyone for a set of questions. And waited until you returned a response.

I had plenty of questions but surprisingly there weren't many others. Additionally, it seemed that, in this small section, hardly anyone else started the homework. Now I don't think I'm necessarily ahead of anyone else, but it's nice to know that I was somewhat prepared for his surprise.

Hints (so you can do well too):
Start the homework early. Skim the reading material. Go to the computer lab at 53 Church Street to print out the material for free. Read Wikipedia for some of the general topics. Wikipedia will spell out the concepts in layman's terms. I know it's easier said than done, but prepare a few questions for section or class.

CSCI-E 168 (Ruby and Rails)
Ruby, Rails, easy stuff. I get it. It seems that many other people don't because they keep questioning the "philosophy."

  • Whyyyyyy can you do that?
  • Jaaaaavaaaaa is strict and therefore better!
  • Caaaaaaaan't that lead to bad code?
Come on people. Haven't you used an api before? Learn how to use things and appreciate the features that it has to offer rather than finding every single reason it's not the same as language X. It's Ruby. Did you do no research on the topic before joined the class?

Sorry, the class is a little aggravating. I love the lectures. The instructor and section leader are way cool. But I do wish that the students in the class were a little more progressive and modern -- when it comes to technology.

Hints (so you can do well too):
Don't question everything. Try to see the advantage of some of the features that Ruby provides. There are pros and cons for everything, convince yourself that the pros outweigh the cons. Think modern. Be 2009 -- 2010. Stop living in the 80s -- 70s -- 60s -- 50s -- 40s -- 30s.

CSCI-E 207 (Formal Systems + Computation)
Okay, my nightmare. My thorny devil. The bane of my existence, CSCI-E 207. How I love you and how I loathe you.

But how I think I'm getting to know you.

Now I'm constantly behind on lectures. And it's very difficult to keep up when the material moves so fast. Interesting enough, for the material that I make it to I think I'm doing okay. I was actually able to complete most of Problem Set 3 without the headaches of past. Amazingly, I am also feeling more comfortable around this material that I can actually communicate about it. Heck I even "aced" one of the sets (heh, after extra credit).

*Oh Donnie! The sky's the limit! Things are looking brighter son!*

If you take this class, YOU BETTER GO TO SECTION and you better hope that Brian's teaching it. Otherwise, you can go straight to

Hints (so you can do well too):
Go to section. Cry here and there. Keep a hearty supply of Kleenex. Pour any whiskey down the sink. Do not walk on train-tracks or in the middle of the street. Do not buy any cyanide capsules, etc. Do not talk about fight-club. Serve Project Mayhem.