Ghetto-Fab Teaching with Technology

ghetto-fab [urban-dictionary]: in my use I mean using something for free when there are paid and probably better means

I loved it when Ali-G said things like, "Tek-mol-lo-gy... It's happening." And right he is, it is happening!

Thus, how can we use modern (say Web 2.0) technology to teach or assist in teaching? As a remote instructor at UCSD-Extension, all I really have is BlackBoard and PowerPoint with voice-over. So far it has worked out really well. But it does feel a bit old and really does feel like remote-learning. Hint: it's not a warm and fuzzy feeling.

This upcoming semester, I am going to try out a few new technologies. If anyone has tried one before, please let me know! [note: this post will grow]


I'm also attending school and several of my teaching-fellows use a tool named Elluminate. It's more or less a chat room with a shared MS-Paint window. Elluminate is a useful product but I almost never see the drawing window being used. Most of the conversation takes place in the chat room where almost any chat software would suffice.

For a while, I thought to myself "Hey why can't I teach with Elluminate also?!" But then I realized, heck why bother when I could be streaming live. is a nifty website that's been around for a few years that allows users to stream themselves. Perhaps I could hold things up to the camera and at the very least let my students feel like a human-being is teaching the course.

What's nice is that there's also a chat room feature with all of the common features like private messaging. What's even better is that there's desktop streaming. Yup, I'll be able to code and allow me students to see it. Doesn't it seem like a great way to show examples?

Google Wave
I'm sure there will be a ton of people trying out Google Wave for education this upcoming year. It seems like it would be a good tool... I'm still not drinking the wave-water though... I'll need to think on this. TBC...