CSCI 121 and 207 HQ Lectures on Miro

The Videos That You Paid For
I don't know if anyone else is unsatisfied with the live video feeds during a Harvard Extension lecture. Personally, I would like a better video player. A High-Quality live stream similar to would be grand! I know Harvard should have the bandwidth and technology to provide this, but obviously I'm blogging for a reason.

Right now I am currently stuck with a 320x240 feed where the professor is drawing figures and hieroglyphic symbols on the chalk board and it's not always clear what I'm looking at. Additionally, it's kind of sad that you can't really pause-and-resume to take notes and try to decipher whats taking place in the feed. Oh, and don't even think about restarting the stream or trying to start the video up at a particular frame. Tracking isn't enabled either. This is pretty much what you get:

Though more features are available when you're watching the replay of the video. And it really isn't all that bad. But I'm sure if you are going through the bother of reading this, the next part will brighten your day.

The Same Videos For Free
So I'm one of those stupid guys who fails to bookmark really important sites -- like the CSCI 207 homepage. That means, every time I need to find the link for the video feed I have to first search for the 207 homepage... Yes, it's very annoying and I do this twice a week.

Fortunately, something good happened in my life the other day. When searching for the homepage using the terms "CSCI 207 Harvard" I somehow clicked on a link that had lectures from 2007. It's neat because it uses the Quicktime player and you can save the lecture to your disk.

In addition, if you want next's week lecture or any lecture for that matter it's all there (considering that Theory lectures do not change often semester to semester). I haven't looked ahead yet but I'm loving the ability to have some tracking and control over the video player. If you plan on taking this class I highly recommend watching one of these lectures to get a good feel of the class. Surprisingly, I did not find the videos posted on the other popular education sites like Academic Earth.

If you're currently taking this class, try the Miro video to help supplement your virtual classroom experience. The awesomely-cool folks could probably put this video on their iPod to learn about theory on the go.