The Havard Computer Lab, for Extension Students

I finally decided to check out the computer lab that's available to us extension students. It is located at 53 Church St, maybe a block away from 1 Story St (a common place for Computer Science extension courses). In the picture below, I highlighted the computer facility in red and 1 Story St in purple.

Gaining Access

From the street, you'll see a cute little garden. Entering it you'll most likely see a sign above a heavy glass door that reads "Harvard Computer Center." Unfortunately, you can not waltz right in. You'll need an access card.

Luckily, to get the card all you have to do is push the call button (it's on a button panel to the left of the door). Ask the receptionist that you would like to get access to the lab. She'll ring you in. And all you need to prove your identification is some picture ID. From that they'll be able to determine whether or not you're a current Harvard Extension student.

What's Cool About It

Okay. I don't know where to begin. There's a room with 23+ Apple Cinema displays and souped up MacPros. There are also MacBook Pros and a Windows lab for Windowey-type of people. Printing course documents seems to be free and uber fast. And it's all very quiet and hardly full.

Though saving the best for last, there are two sets of bathrooms. The "Head"-to-'person-head' is excellent!