CSCI E-207 Week 4 Update

I am going to need a LOT of luck.

Harvard Extension
CSCI E-207: Introduction to Computational Theory

The first homework was very difficult. The second homework is just as hard, though starting to make more sense. I really want to understand this material but I feel that I will never be intelligent enough for it to click. Actually I may be scaring myself off from doing well. At times I feel like I know what I'm doing -- At times isn't often.

Besides some of the other recommended books, I found that Daniel J. Velleman's How To Prove It: A Structured Approach is really helping me understand proofs. Oh yeah, you're going to need additional books. The one required book is hardly helps someone like me (a nitwit) understand what the problems in the homework mean.

For extension students, lectures or stream or recorded. For the most part, I kind of like the lectures. The material is fairly general and I never find it completely over my head. However, I am not quite sure if watching the lecture will help you do well in the class. The homework is much harder than anything discussed in class and I suppose there's a valid reason for that. I just wish that after reading a chapter and watching lecture, I would know how to solve a problem. And I find myself far from that aspiration.

*Ding-ding* But the lecture itself is intended for real Harvard students. I guess they really are that much smarter than, me (where I do not know how I relate normal folk and I don't want to insult you).

Our section leader, Brian, is probably the only reason I am still in this course. The guy is total genius and during the last section I probably hammered him with some of the most idiot questions he's ever heard. He handled them properly and helped clean up the mess in my mind. What I did find strange is that the other students in the class seem to be doing pretty well. I was hoping that I would find myself in a pool of the lost and confused. Maybe it's just me.

If I bomb this class, and good god I hope I don't, I know that I'll understand theory at some elementary level at least. Brian's section will save your butt.

Gouge Away

I'm sticking with it but I bet I'm going to suffer...