CSCI E-168 Week 4 Update

So far the R&R class has been pretty easy for me. Note: I was a little familiar with the language about four-five years ago so I have a bit of a leg up in early in the semester. I am learning a whole bunch though and I'm loving it!

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CSCI E-168: Web Applications with Ruby on Rails

The first homework involved writing Ruby one-liners. That means stringing along blocks and methods to create neato functionality on a single line. I was able to accomplish this task in a few days fairly early. Since then, we've stumbled on better ways to writing such tasks and we're starting to get into meta-programming. Fun!

The professor, John, is really-really good. I believe he said he was not a computer science major in undergrad and it shows. His presentation skills are slick and I'm sure he'll be a big name in Ruby if he isn't already. Like my Computer Networks class, I haven't tried listening to the stream of the class but I bet they are awesome.

In general, the class correlates strongly to the reading assignments and the homework. If you find the homework to be hard, just attend class and section and it should make more and more sense. I have a feeling that John wants everyone to actually do well and it would be pretty difficult not to.

The section for this class ended up on Thursday afternoon around 5:30 PM. Thus, our section tends to be pretty small as most people can not make this time. Our section leader, Keith, is a hip (cool, whatever) guy who kind of reminds me of myself. In fact, his teaching style is a lot like mine which pretty much is "don't sweat the small stuff."

I can tell that some of the more mature students in the class want to sweat the small stuff but hopefully they will come to terms that convention is more important... than let's say how fast bing-bong and doo-wap runs.

Unfortunately, I haven't asked many questions in this section. To be honest, I feel pretty comfortable and I feel pretty happy that I "get it." I would like to get my name out there eventually. I think the leader knows who I am though and he seems like a guy I'd like to get a beer with.

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Whelps, I think I'm doing well!

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    # by Ron Newman - January 5, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    Hi. I was a classmate of yours in CSCI E-168. Did you stay in the class and finish it? (You didn't post any blog entries about it after this one, that I could find.)