CSCI E-168 Building Web-Based Software with Ruby and Ruby on Rails [Lecture 1]

Lecture Observations

  • We'll learn Ruby fundamentals, meta-programming, Rails fundamentals, Rails plugins, and Rails deployment.
  • We will not learn File I/O, Threading, Rails Internals.
  • Minaswan stands for "Matz is nice so we are nice."
  • There are THREE Teaching Assistants!
  • A bunch of code was presented fairly quickly and consumed the majority of the class. It's wasn't worth taking notes about because it was all just part of the language and something you will have to learn.
  • It was interesting to hear that floating points must be evaluated with some rounding error, "==" will not always work correctly.
  • A few things that I want to learn more about were "mechanize" and the spaceship operator <=>

Observations about the class
  • It's a very large class where more than 40 people showed up.
  • The facilities were pretty nice, but not as nice as the Maxwell Dworkin building!
  • The professor is a very calm and conversational lecturer who prefers to go by "John."
  • The lecture itself was very interesting and entertaining. John puts in an effort to crack a few jokes.
  • Laptops were not recommended to bring to the class.

A few thoughts...
  • I really liked the class and did not chicken out this time to introduce myself (see my last lecture...).
  • It's nice to actually talk to a professor and the TA for once in my life. It isn't THAT scary.
  • Ruby really does have that "friendly" aura about it. It's actually kind of sad because the Java community always makes me feel un-welcomed (aka an idiot). I haven't worked with many Ruby guys (any actually) so let's hope that it is different.

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