Google App Engine (Java Flavor) and Google Wave

Yesterday I began my journey using the Java-version of the Google App Engine. I love the Python implementation but I have noticed there are much more Java jobs out there than Python jobs. It's super sad but true. Actually I guess it would be hard to say there are "jobs" out there.

I think my first project will be Yes, I know the domain name sounds funny but it will be a simple job board for Google App Engine developers and projects. Alternatives would be and Maybe this GAE thing will take off some day?

I recently completed the tutorial for the GAE-Java flavor and hoisted it up onto I'm still learning the ins-and-outs so right now the site may be a simple guest book.

Additionally, I recently received my Google Wave API key! I can't wait to start playing around with it -- time, I need more of it. Any requests? I'm curious about building a commenting system with it that could trail blog or story postings.