Naked Domains for Google App Engine, (WWW)ahoo!

After several months of frustration, I can finally assign a Google App Engine project a www domain easily.  No more URL Frames *shudders* or Redirects!  Cheers!

In the past, when trying to add an AppEngine project to the www domain, I would be prompted with a conflict:  Sorry, the www sub-domain is taken.  Please choose a different sub-domain for your project.  Actually, the error message was a bit more USELESS than that but if you ever saw it, you'd know what I mean.

Well, guess what?  It was taken.  By google-sites!
To free your domain of the www hi-jacking, follow these 3 easy steps:

First, log into your google apps account by going to  You'll need to click on the Returning user, sign in here on the right hand side to enter your credentials. 

Click on the Service Settings tab on the far right of the tool bar.  And then click on Sites.

Here you'll find a little bugger of a tab named Web address mapping.  Click on it!  That's where the evil pirates are hiding...  After doing so, you'll see that was pwn3d by google-sites!

Delete!  delete!  delete!!!+shift1!!