The Bear Minimum - Introduction

The Java programming language can be daunting to learn. Especially for you, someone with little to no programming experience! Learning a programming language is like learning a spoken language such as Spanish or Mandarin Chinese -- but probably much easier!

But hopefully by the end of the class you would have picked up some of these programming basics and feel a little more comfortable with Java. Many programmers (see PHP/Ruby programmers) complain about how HARD Java is, so consider learning this a real accomplishment.

Within this series of guides I'll cover some of the "bare minimum" topics that you really should memorize. I'll also show you how to do the same things with JavaScript and Python -- although consider that an optional and additional lesson. At the end of the nine weeks, I'll package everything up into a pdf and send it out to you all.

Oh an I'm calling this guide "The Bear Minimum" because of the following Yahoo question and answer: