I'm working on a GAE project :-)

So the Google-App-Engine open for all developers today. You better hurry and register an account. To do so, you'll need an SMS enabled phone to receive an activation code. I was able to snag "Bid" as in bid.appspot.com.

Hmm. I wonder what are the other pros and cons are for GAE. I like the scalability and the pricing model. But for every good, there's usually a bad.

The author of the article "The Problem with Google Apps Engine" discusses a few of the issues:

1. Subject to Google's uptime/downtime
The author admits this is very unlikely to happen. Every server is subject to downtime. Any web-host you have is subject to going out of business as well. Yeah, this isn't really a problem.

2. Portability to a non-Google architecture
This could potentially be a problem --the lock in to Google software. However, standards and jobs usually evolve from what's popular. I could expect to see GQL, BigTable, GAE, etc on resumes soon. If you could become an expert with Django and MySQL or GAE and BigTable, what would you choose. The later has over 150k developers waiting in line. It shouldn't be a determining factor on what language or architecture to use but I can't say it's not a weighty factor.

3. Free to some extent
You will have to start paying for some services if you cross a specific threshold. However, based on the pricing above it's likely to be less than any other service you could currently pay for. What in life is FREE any way? Yes, one day you'll have to pay for something but by that point your site should be generating some revenue.

4. Privacy concerns
Yes, some people are paranoid about Google's privacy policy... However, I'm sure they have and so far has proven that data is relatively safe in their hands. I guess I'm up in the air for this issue.

I might develop an App just to see for myself whether or not the Google-App-Engine has anything to offer. The pricing and scalability seems very attractive. Keep your eyes open, http://bid.appspot.com is coming in the near future!