Last year I decided I wanted to start developing in Python using the Django Web-Framework. This was, actually, a spur of a moment thing where I simply wanted to learn a new language. I've always wanted to learn Python and what better way to learn than to try to build a Web-App with it. Django itself looked really interesting and I wanted to give it a shot.

The Java-route would've been too hard for me to handle alone. Also I was no longer interested in Ruby on Rails. Sure, Ruby is a nice language... But I was starting to get turned off by the user-community. It was time for a change.

Although Django isn't quite a 'mature' framework it seemed to have real traction. And actually I just found out today that Google's own App Engine uses Python and includes Django!
Wow, hopefully I can open a developer account with them. Right now I'm on the waiting-list, wish me luck.

Any hoo, I really enjoy developing with Python and Django. For some reason, "I just get it," and it's hard to explain why.